How to Do FCL Import from Asia, India and Europe to Indonesia

How to do FCL import from Asia, India and Europe to Indonesia? Importing business is a kind of business that is really promising currently. Even many young entrepreneurs choose this business as the source of their income. But for beginners, importing products from other countries is a complicated process. Yes, it is quite complicated to process licenses, customs, and more. That’s why; you need to learn more about how to import products to Indonesia. You can start it from importing from Asian countries first.

Understanding the Import Procedure in Indonesia

Before starting to order products from abroad, make sure to understand the import procedure in Indonesia. The products must be permitted to enter and they are not considered illegal. If this thing is not understood, it can cause problems particularly in the customs office. Commonly, those illegal products will be kept in the office or even burnt. It is also important to use a trusted import agent like GES cargo to avoid problems that may happen.

Understanding the Export Procedure in Asian Countries

Every country in Asia has its own rule related to import-export activities. Yes, when you are importing products to Indonesia, it means that there is an exporter who exports their products from somewhere in Asia whether it is China, Japan, Korea, or others. So, despite understanding the import procedure in Indonesia, you also need to know the export procedure of the origin country of the products. It is a really important thing as this matter is related to regulations and law in the country.

Determining the Transaction System

In the export-import business, there are some systems of the transaction; they are FOB, CIF, DDP, CFR, FAS, and more. Those terms show when the responsibility of the supplier will end. For example, the term FOB is used when the shipping cost, product’s price, and insurance are paid when the ship has arrived at the harbor. Meanwhile, CIF refers to a condition when all the costs are paid before the ship is departed, and more.

Choosing the Container-Loaded Type

Well, this is the most important part related to the FCL thing. FCL is full container loaded. It is a kind of shipping process in which the products to ship are loaded the container fully. As information, there are 2 types of container; 20 feet and 40 feet. In case you want to choose this container-loaded type; the products to import must be around 10 or 20 MT. If less than those sizes, it is better to choose LCL or Less than Container Loaded.

Assuring Products

Many products are lost or damaged during the shipping process. This way, it is no longer the exporter’s responsibility. Although the importing activity is conducted still within Asian countries, there are still risks you must face. So, it is still important to assure the products. You also need to choose a cargo agent which provides insurance to clients. GES Cargo has it when bringing products abroad including from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and others to Indonesia. You can follow the consultation session first before the process of product imports.

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