The Procedure of FCL Export from Indonesia to Europe, Asia And Middle East

FCL export from Indonesia to Europe, Asia And Middle East how is the procedure? Export is a trading system that enables people to do transactions internationally. Currently, the Indonesian government puts effort to improve foreign exchange by supporting exporting activities. The export procedure itself is actually easier than the import procedure. Sure, it is because there are many rules and regulations that manage imports rather than exports. It is mainly about the tax payment.

What is FCL export?

The exporting procedure is started when the exporter prepares goods or products by packaging and stuffing them to the container until they are ready to ship. Well, the FCL itself is related to the container to use. FLC stands for Full Container Loaded that means the shipping products equal or are less than 20 MT using the container of 40 feet. It is also possible if the products equal or are less than 10 MT when it uses the 20-feet container.

What are the documents to prepare?

After the products or goods are ready to ship, you need to apply for the custom document, known also as the notice of export. The notice contains some data; they are the exporter data, the receiver data, the custom broker data, the means of transportation to loading products, the destination, and details of products. For the data of a custom broker, it is optional. Some export-import activities don’t use them anyway.

After the notice is applied to the customs office, the agreement of exporting will be given. This way, the products are directly sent to the port whether the transit port or the destination port. As information, exporting products to Europe cannot be conducted directly. There are some transit ports to pass through. It depends on what the destination country but all of them transit in Singapore first.

Each of the notice documents needs to be paid to the state that is paid via bank or the customs office. For the amount of the tax, it varies depending on the regulation of the country.

Each product to export can also be required to have its own document. For example, wood pieces from Kalimantan and other areas need the surveyor report document, endorsement from the organization of wood industry revitalization, and more. Meanwhile, to export mining products, the exporter must also fulfill other requirements including the surveyor documents.

Other Things to Know about Exporting Products to Europe, Asia And Middle East

Sure, aside from the procedures mentioned above, you also need to know other things about exporting products to Europe. First, you need to look for information on whether the product to export is banned by the destination country or not. Indonesia also determines some products not to be exported. So, make sure to learn about those things from the beginning. Choosing the right shipping agent like GES cargo helps you a lot in understanding this matter.

Second, if you have found a buyer, determine the payment system, determine quantity and specifications, and more, you need to make an agreement with the buyer. If the deal cannot be achieved, it is better to cancel the export first.

It is necessary to check all things before they are sent to the destination. As you know, Europe is quite far from Indonesia. Meanwhile, products shipped must be plenty since you choose FCL, so make sure that anything is going well.

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