This is example process of less container load import from another countries to indonesia like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philipines, Hongkong, Japan, Srilanka, United Emirates Arab but we only take one example Import from Japan to Indonesia

The Process of LCL Import Direct Console from Japan to Indonesia

How to conduct LCL import direct console from Japan to Indonesia? Japan, as you know, an archipelago state in the area of Eastern Asia. It is placed right on the western tip of the Pacific Ocean. Since the country is really developed in terms of economy and technology, it is reasonable if many other countries in the world import products from it. Indonesia is one of those countries that conduct importing activities from Japan. Products to be imported are spare parts, home appliances, electronic products, automotive products, and more. 

Some types of import can be done if you are interested in shipping goods from Japan to Indonesia. One of them is by applying the LCL import direct console. What are the steps for this type of import? Here they are.

The Pre-Import Activity

On this step, the importer must provide documents mainly those related to licensing. If this is your first experience, there are some matters you need to ask your Japanese supplier. They are the product‘s name and specification, the number of HS Code, terms of shipment, and the product dimension. In case the products are less than a container of 20 or 40 feet, you can use the service of LCL shipping. As information, LCL stands for Less than Container Load anyway.

For import in Indonesia, there are some general licenses to know. For further explanation, you can ask the shipping company you are choosing. For this matter, GES cargo is highly recommended. Those licenses are the license from the Trade Ministry, the decree from Finance Minister about the exemption from import duty

The Main Import Activity

The shipping process can be completely given to the Japanese exporter. Then, while waiting for the product to arrive, the importer will get the notice or arrival from the forwarding party. When the importer’s “ship” has been in the harbor, you can exchange the bill sheet of landing with the delivery order from the shipping company. it is so that the container. Make sure you have complete some following documents. They are the bill of lading, the packing list, invoice, and the certificate of Fumigation, the decree of the exemption from import duty, insurance certificate, and delivery order from the shipping company.

Some of the documents mentioned above are optional. For example; they are the certificate of insurance and the certificate of fumigation. But although not all the documents are needed, it is not bad to still provide them. There are many cases of the goods or products cannot be taken by importers for the lack of licensing documents.


Good communication between exporters and importers is needed to avoid problems. As you know, importing products is basically not an easy process. There are regulations of other countries that you are better to acknowledge.

Interestingly, Japan is considered one of some countries in which the exporting regulation is not too complex. It eases importers from Indonesia more when they want to buy products in a big number from the country. So, are you interested in LCL import direct console from Japan to Indonesia?

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