Things to Know about LCL Export Direct Console from Indonesia to Other Countries

LCL export direct console example from Indonesia to Chine, is it easy enough to process? The term LCL is quite familiar enough mainly if you often deal with exporting and importing activities. Unfortunately, not all exporters and importers know the clear definition of it. LCL stands for Less than Container Load. It refers to good shipping that is less than a container of 20 or 40 feet. This type of good loading is more popular in small businesses in which they may not need to ship too many goods. However, in the field, many medium and large-scale businesses also use this service when they need it.

So far, China produces more products than Indonesia. This way, Indonesia basically imports many more goods from the country. However, it doesn’t mean that Indonesia is very passive about exporting the products to China. In fact, some goods and products need to be shipped to the country with a large population. It is particularly related to agriculture and mining products.

So, is it possible to use the LCL export service from Indonesia to China? Of course, it is. You can even use the other feature; it is the direct console. However, there are some matters you must acknowledge to make sure that the exporting activity can be conducted more smoothly. Due to the tight competition among cargo service companies, some of them may lower down their prices. Unfortunately, it often influences the quality. If you just don’t want to experience any problem in the exporting process, choosing a trusted and credible company must be prioritized.

Types of LCL Export from Indonesia to Other Countries Like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philipines, Hongkong, Japan, Srilanka, United Emirates Arab

The products or goods to export are various for sure. That’s why; cargo companies along with the government manage to provide some types of services. Features given are various also with their own benefits and lacks. You must learn about your goods first before choosing one of them. Some LCL services available in Indonesia to export products abroad are as follows. They are LCL Port to Port and LCL cargo services including packaging and crating. Some other features are given but they are commonly worth money.

LCL Export from Indonesia to China

To export products abroad, LCL is often conducted from harbors of Jakarta, Surabaya, and Semarang. Some companies of shipping freight consolidator export LCL including GES Cargo can conduct direct shipment or console to some countries including China. For other harbors outside those 3, the products are shipped first to them before being directly shipped to China. Other countries with a direct shipment from Indonesia are relatively closer to the country than China. They are Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Another Suggestion

Before exporting products with LCL shipment, make sure to ask first about the cost. It doesn’t take too much time currently. In GES Cargo, the costs can be accessed online. When there are additional costs, they have been mentioned as well. The details of the cost will be given so that you can reconsider whether you want to continue doing the LCL export or not.

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